In an exciting collaboration, Ignite Emotional Health and Well being has joined together with a dynamic team of mental health and well-being specialists and personal development facilitators to provide a range of services including one to one Psychotherapy/Counselling,bespoke training and curriculum development. We also offer a range of core training including:

  • Management and emotional literacy

  • Understanding anger/ how to manage it.

  • Understanding stress and depression

  • Self-Mastery and self development.

  • Drama based emotional health and well being courses

  • Leadership Skills

  • Team Development  

  • Communications Skills

Collectively we have a broad range of experience working within the private and public sectors. We have recently developed programmes that have a focus on women who have been affected by domestic violence, challenging family relationships and criminal justice issues.

Psychotherapy & Counselling


Ignite are here to support you through some of life's difficulties of issues such as:


  • Depression, a feeling of emptiness, loss of sense of self

  • Bereavement

  • devoice

  • addictions

  • domestic violence

  • work related problems

  • lack of confidence and self-esteem

  • Anger issues


We create a safe space for you to share your stories and explore your needs.


For more information or to book an initial assessment  email or call

Leadership Development


Ignite offer one to one coaching, team development and leadership programmes,

to develop and empower staff at all levels of your organisation.


For more information or to book an initial meeting please call or email us.


Group work
Much of our group work is facilitated by using drama and movement. This is a wonderful tried and tested medium for working with personal development, anger management, emotional literacy and well as conflict resolution. 


Ignite run training throughout the year, so keep an eye on our calendar in order to secure a place.


To find out more about our customised programmes, email or contact us.





Video Tutorials 
Stress and Anxiety


Keep updated with Ignite Events


Ignite run a number of traning courses through out the year. To keep up with what were doing or to book a place check our calender


Coping with Grief

Serotonin and brain fungtion

Chilldhood truama and toxic shame


The developmental impacts of childhood truama and toxic shame can not be underestimated. American Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris how repeated stress, abuse and neglect has a profound impact on the development of the brain.Impcts that will normally last a lifetime.


Published on TEDTalks 17 Feb 2015